“Helping people-Help themselves”
Safe Communities with Strong & Healthy Families
Back2Basics Program:
  • A year-round adult training/development program
  • Helps provide adults with step-by-step knowledge and opportunities
  • How to budget and financial management
  • How to effectively operate computers, technology and social media
  • Healthy food options, agriculture/gardening, nutrition, health and fitness
  • Important information on topics vital to a productive life
  • Ways to eliminate poverty
  • How to make life changes thus enabling families to be strengthened
Back2Basics Plus (+) Program:
  • An approved Fort Valley State University/Chartered 4-H Club Organization & Site
  • A year-round program for children, youth and teens
  • Utilizes an evidence-based 4-H Healthy Living Program
  • 4-H Club Meetings for Ages 7-17, Grades 3rd -12th
  • Topics proven to help children, youth and teens make better decisions while improving their health and safety

We work with collaborative organizations to bridge the gap and focus on improving the child, family well-being and our community in two main areas:

  • improve the nutrition and health of vulnerable/underserved populations
  • provide children and youth with development of positive behaviors to prevent youth crime and violence
Annie E. Casey Foundation data utilized for tracking outcomes:
  • Healthy Children
  • School Readiness
  • School Success
  • Self-Sufficient Families
  • Strong Communities
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