Our Story

The Needs Assessment, Business and Strategic Plans were developed. The Board of Directors was determined along with organizational development. The Founder, Paulette Lemons was appointed as CEO/Executive Director.
Site secured for program operation. Back2Basics Program began slowly and methodical with Small Groups. Data and outcomes were tracked. The community was continuously assessed for program need. The 501 (c)(3)non-profit package was submitted to the IRS for approval. After two years, official non-profit status and approval was granted.
Connections continued to develop and improve its programs, marketing, website and began utilizing social media. Joined and became active member of Houston County Family Connection and Housing Collaborative (GICH).
The Back2Basics Program was enhanced. Board governance, board & staff training and improved organizational development occurred. Adopted the state’s framework for measuring community and state progress by using Kid’s Count-Annie E. Casey Foundation.
The Back2Basics Program was significantly improved and was heavily requested by the community. The organization joined the Houston County Human Needs Coalition (Collaborative Group) as a member.
The Back2Basics Program continued to be offered and enhanced by adding gardening. A second program was added for children, youth and teens called “Back2Basics Plus(+)” to encourage healthy living.
Gardening was added as a major project for Back2Basics Plus (+). Numerous youth, teens, parents, community leaders and a garden club volunteered to be part of the planning, implementation and sustainability team.