Staff & Board of Directors

Paulette Lemons-CEO/Executive Director
Bohdana Conyers-Project Coordinator & Financial Manager
Connections On The Parkway, Inc. is governed by a Board of Directors. The Board of Directors, comprised of leaders in business, communication, social work, nonprofit management/operation, health, and education, bring into focus our vision—both long and short term—where we’re going, where we are, and what we can be. The Board also has a fiduciary responsibility to protect the investment people make in the organization to aid the community.
Board Members
Geraline Heard-Chair
Kimberly Charles-Marketing & Communications
Princie Lemons-Fundraising
Colette Martinez-Fundraising
Daphne Register-Marketing & Communications
Angelia Solomon-Secretary/Treasurer
Advisory Board Members
Thomas Hudson, Past Board Member
Bill Lemons-Past President